Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Work it out: My three must-haves at the gym

I recently dug deep and got myself back into (As us naija people say) gyming. I had a love-hate relationship with the gym. I love to workout but physically getting up and going was the hard part. Now that that is behind me, I wanted to share my three must-haves.

1. Headphones
I love cardio, more specifically, the treadmill and the stair master. I always push myself because I love seeing results. In pushing myself, I always hear myself breathe which messes up my flow. I purchased the Beats Studio's in April and immediately fell in love. The noise block feature is everything.

2. Heart rate monitor/calorie counter
It's always encouraging to know how many calories you are burning, especially when you're feeling discouraged. The Polar watch and heart rate monitor allows a more accurate calorie count and heart rate. The watch initial settings allows you to input your weight, height, age and sex, providing a more accurate heart rate and calorie count.

3. A GREAT playlist
I love a good burst of energy during an intense cardio session. Any form of music with a good beat provides that for me. Here are a list of songs currently on my playlist:

1. Nick Jonas-Jealous
2. Sia- Chandelier
3. Jay-Z-Lost one
4. Yemi Alade- Johnny
5. P-Square- Taste d money
6. Jay-Z- Heart of the city
7. Lil Kim- Crush on you
8. Nas ft. Lauryn Hill- If I ruled the world
9. Kanye West- All Falls down
10. J. Lo ft. Pitbull- Dance again
11. Kanye West ft. Jay-z & Big Sean-Clique



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