Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crochet Braids - my new obsession!

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm into protective styling. I don't like to keep my real hair out for too long especially in the winter. I also love to experiment with different looks and styles without putting stress on my hair or manipulating it too much. I kept seeing the crochet braid style and really liked the idea of it so I started looking for a stylist who could install it for me. I began doing more research on Instagram and YouTube and I realized that this was definitely something that I could do myself. So  after watching plenty of tutorials I set aside a weekend to install them. 

I used 4 packs of the Cuban twist marley hair in the 16" length which was way too long. I ended up trimming the hair afterwards. I cornrowed my hair straight back with 12 braids in the front connecting into 6 braids in the back. I used the "knotless" method in order to create a look that appeared as if the hair was coming right out of my scalp. 

Next, I curled curled the hair using perm rods. After I rolled up my entire head I dipped the rods in very hot water in order to lock in the curl. 

I am so happy with the final result of this style. I will definitely do it again. At night I apply a moisturizer to my braids or I spray them with a mixture of water, leave in conditioner and oils then I pineapple my hair and cover it with a satin bonnet. In the morning I just remove the bonnet, take out the pineapple, fluff and go! Very easy. :) Now for some more pics..

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