Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Product Alert ♥


I picked up a few new products and incorporated them in to my wash day. I have not changed my hair regimen in some time, so I was excited to see what these products had to offer.

I purchased Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla hydrating conditioner and Hair Milk cleansing conditioner. Of the two products, the hair milk cleansing conditioner appealed to me because I have really thick hair and shampoos DO NOT work for me.

As explained previously in my favorite products post, I use terressential hair wash. Terressential's is a bentonite clay based hair wash. Bentonite clay has drawing properties and draws dirt and grim from the hair and scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils, which was what I loved most about the product. 

After "washing" my hair with Carol's Daughters Hair Milk cleansing conditioner, I noticed that this product did not lather nor did it dry out my hair. These properties are very important to me because I have been experiencing postpartum shedding since March and washing and detangling have become more challenging due to the excess shedding. Carol's Daughters Hair Milk cleansing conditioner gets an A+ and I will definitely purchase this product again.

In my opinion, the Black Vanilla Hydrating Conditioner was okay. When I buy new products, I use them without the addition of any oils or conditioners to get an unbiased conclusion. The conditioner was okay but did not live up to my expectations. It did not dry my hair out but it also did not make my hair extremely soft. But to be fair, this could be attributed to the hard water I've been experiencing since moving to New York. I combat hard water with ACV rinses and after doing so, my hair was more soft and pliable since the initial rinse.

Overall, I will definitely purchase Carol's Daughter Hair Milk conditioning cleanser again because my hair was clean without drying it out. As for the black vanilla hydrating conditioner, I will most likely try adding a few oils to the conditioner to see if it will give me what I am looking for. 



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