Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby girl has some length on her!

My niece came to visit and I had the chance to care for her natural hair while she was here this week. Her hair has grown! I just wanted to share some beautiful pictures of her and her hair! She is usually very afraid to get her hair done because she is used to the tugging and pulling of a comb. Since I no longer use combs on my hair (unless I'm straightening it) I decided to apply the same method to her styling.

I just finger detangled her hair while it was a little damp then I applied Shea moisture's curl enhancing smoothie and a little bit of eco styler gel to each section. Next I parted her hair and did the four ponytails and twisted each section. No combs were used at all (she liked that!) and she also loved the end result. Pain free hair styling is possible for little girls with natural hair! I can't wait to have my own some day :) Thanks for viewing!



  1. Reading these words 14 years ago would have completely changed my daughter and my experience of my doing her hair. We survived it....... And we are both so appreciative of the info that is now available but boy I really wish I could have known this then.