Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jump Rope for Heart Challenge

Hey Dolls,

As you all may know, my wedding is coming up in June and I have some tightening up to do. Since moving to New York, I have decided not to join a gym and do things at home. After a recent visit to Walmart, I came across a few key items, one of them being a jump rope. I looked up the benefits and I was surprised; muscle toning, increased cardiovascular health and weight loss. This brought me back to my childhood, I hadn't jumped rope in years!

In elementary school, I had a wonderful gym teacher who hosted an event called Jump Rope for Heart. She taught us the importance of heart health by combining cardio with different jump roping exercises. With the many benefits of jump roping, I thought it would be fun to incorporate it in this challenge.


1. Jump Rope. Jump rope in the mornings and evenings five days a week for 20 minutes. If you are a beginner in your healthy journey, this can be broken up in to two 15 minute sessions four days a week. Couple the jump rope exercise with a 30 to 45 minutes of target training for at least four to five days a week. Target exercise does not have to be twice a day.

2. Clean eats. Eating clean is most important in a healthy weight loss journey. This includes limited splurges on take out and increasing home cooked meals.

3. Rotate. In order to obtain optimum results, you must switch up your routine. I will be posting my favorite target training work outs on here at least once a week to give you all a general idea of what target training is. If you have an iphone or ipad, the nike training club app has many target training workouts.

My challenge: I will jump rope 30 minutes a day (morning and evening) five times a week. In addition to my jump rope routine, I will do 30 minutes of target training once a day for 4 days. I will show sample my meals as well as track my progress on my instagram: @elleamaka under #omalichallenge.

Onyi's Challenge: I will jump rope for 20 minutes every evening everyday and in addition I will go to the gym 3 days a week for cardio and resistance training and do 3 workouts per week on the Nike Training Club app. IG: @LadyOnyi #omalichallenge

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  1. I used to love to jump rope. Back in elementary school I was part of the Double Dutch team. Anywho, I had no idea jump roping comes with so many benefits! I'm up for the challenge myself. I'm back in the health journey so I'm gonna try the two 15mins sessions 4x/wk.