Friday, January 11, 2013

Combat Dry Hair


I find it extremely hard to keep my hair moisturized this particular winter. I recently moved to Upstate New York, which is relatively colder then the weather in Maryland. Since humectants are a NO GO during the winter seasons, it is more beneficial to turn to ceramides.

Ceramides are lipid molecules that functions mainly in moisture retention by infusing fatty acids into the hair shaft. Ceramides can be added to deep conditioners, mixes or in every day application.

Ceramides are present in many oils including:
Barley Malt oil
Rice Bran oil
Eucalyptus extract
Hemp seed oil
Kukui oil
Sunflower oil
Walnut oil
Wheat Germ oil

I like to mix leave in conditioner, water, a few drops of an essential oil and wheat germ oil together and mist my hair twice a day. This combination has helped me combat dry hair. Try your own combination and see what works for you. Hope this helps!



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