Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 Tips for Beautiful Skin


I am obsessed with natural beauty and healthy skin. In many of my pictures, I do not wear foundation.
While embarking on my healthy skin care journey, I vowed to fix my flaws so that foundation would be optional. Today is the official last day of the year and as we countdown in to the new year, I would like to countdown beauty tips that has helped me this year. 

1. Washing my face twice a day. I have fairly normal, yet acne prone skin. As stated in my skin care routine, I wash my face with a honey oatmeal soap from Trader Joe's. Prior to my healthy skin care journey, I would wash my face in the morning and neglect the deep cleansing in the evening. I now know better. A good evening facial cleanse has really helped my skin radiate.

2. Air drying. I think a major difference I made after washing my face was air drying versus towel drying. Bacteria thrives in a warm, moist environment. Towel are one of those popular environments. This attributed to many of break outs I had in the past, which is why I air dry now.

3. Deep cleaning. When I had access to my sisters steamer, I deep cleaned all the time. Since we don't live together anymore, I had to improvise. Deep cleaning opens up your pores in order to achieve a thorough cleanse. The best way to do so is with HOT water or steam. Since I don't want to burn my skin off, I opted for steam. Once a week normally after I exfoliate, I steep green tea in a pot of distilled water. Once the water cools a bit, I place my face over the pot for about 5-7 minutes. The steam opens up my pores and allows the green tea to penetrate. Green tea neutralize free radicals, which helps with everyday effects from the sun and other harmful rays.
4. Exfoliate. I can not stress the importance of exfoliation. Skin cells are constantly regenerating, taking about three days to reach the surface of the skin. If the you do not get rid of the dead skin cells lying on the surface, your skin is essentially suffocating. I exfoliate every five days with a honey/brown sugar scrub.

5. Masks. I try to give myself an at home spa day once a week. Among deep cleaning and exfoliating, I love making facial masks. One of the main ingredients is bentonite clay. Bentonite clay has drawing properties which helps draw out toxins and debris from the skin. 

6. Cold water. Cold water closes the pores minimizing its appearance. This also prevents dirt debris from entering the pores, which can be the culprit for large pores and acne. After washing my face, I always rinse with cold water.

7. Moisturizer. For about a year or so now, I have been using grape seed oil as my moisturizer. Grape seed oil has many beneficial properties. It is a mild astringent, which helps tighten and tone the skin while fighting acne. It also has anti-oxidative properties, which help diminish the suns damaging effects. But most importantly, very inexpensive, which I find to be the best property of them all. 

8. Non-Commericial products. I do not use commercial products. I do not use Proactiv, Neutrogena, or any products sold commercially. They do not work for MY skin. When using such products, I noticed that my acne was kind of suppressed. Immediately discontinuing the use of those products, the acne would surface again. I began doing it my self because no one knows your skin better than you do. I explain my routine in detail in this post here

9. Spot treatments. Acne is annoying. I've never met anyone who said, "I love this pimple on my face!". We want it gone, ASAP. Instead of popping pimples, I do spot treatments. Using the same formula as my beauty masks, I apply the spot treatment to the problem areas. I allow it to sit for about thirty minutes then I rinse it off. This has helped prevent dark marks that often ensue after popping pimples. 

10. Toner. One of my first post on this blog was my Rose Water Green Tea Toner. I am still a faithful user of this and I still swear by it. It has tightened and toned my skin.

Bring in the new year with beautiful skin! 

Happy New Year!



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