Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thrift Store Flyness

If there is one thing that brings true joy to my life, it is the art of thrifting. The reason why I refer to thrifting as an art is because not many have the patience or time to thrift, but I make time. I love shopping at thrift stores for those vintage pieces that you can not find at your everyday Forever 21. I love everything about thrift stores especially the prices. Also many thrift store donate their earnings to a good cause such as St. Jude's children's research hospital. I just wanted to share some pieces I have bought from thrift stores I had visited.

I bought this floral creme colored romper from the Goodwill in Rockville, Maryland. The tag says it is a brand call LA girl, which I have never heard of but I love it anyways. If you know me, you've probably seen me wear this a couple of times. I only paid $6 for it.

I bought these earrings recently from the Goodwill here in Albany, New York. Since moving here, I haven't had the chance to really explore many thrift stores, but I am excited to. The earrings were $3.50 each. The only downside to these earring is that they came with no backs. But for $3.50 each, who's complaining?

I have been looking for an orange blazer for quite some time. I was more than delighted to stumble across this blazer at such a steal. This was also a recent purchase from the Goodwill in Albany, New York. I paid $7 for this as a pose to the $47 dollar blazers I have seen online.

I bought this creme dress from Once Upon a Child in Dallas, Texas. I visited a friend there last year and I told her before I leave, we must go to three thrift stores. I love this dress, I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but I'm sure I will soon. I paid $6 for this item.

This was at Onyi's (right) blue coat ceremony about a year and half ago. I (left) bought the blue sweater/jacket from the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters thrift store in Williamsburg, VA. While I was in college, I worked less than a mile away from there so I was a regular. I paid $4 for this item.

I purchased these earrings from the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters thrift store in Williamsburg, VA. If you haven't noticed, I am obsessed with stud earrings! I paid $2 for this item.

*Disclaimer* I always wash and disinfect all items I purchase from the thrift store before wearing them. I have no idea where they came from so I'd rather be safe (and clean) than sorry.




  1. I love big, gaudy stud earrings. I can say that roughly 90% of my earrings are studs. Easily. And they're all from thrift stores.

    You've amassed quite a collection!

    1. Thank you! I live for stud earrings... we should swap!