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December 1st: Know your status 2012

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection results in the progressive deterioration of the immune system, breaking down the body's ability to fend off certain infection and diseases. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the more advance stages of HIV, define by a T cell count of 200 or less. This leaves the body with opportunity to contract more than 20 infections or diseases. 

Five facts about HIV/AIDS

1. HIV can be transmitted in many ways including unprotected sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal), oral sex with an infected person, transfusion of contaminated blood, the sharing of contaminated needles, syringes or other sharp instruments, the transmission between a mother and her baby during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding

2. 34 million people are living with HIV world wide

3. Mother to child transmission is almost entirely preventable

4. HIV is the world’s leading infectious killer.  About 25 million people have died to date from HIV/AIDS related infections and diseases. An estimated 1.7 million people died of HIV/AIDS related diseases or infections in 2011.

5. There are several ways to prevent HIV transmission
  • practice safe sexual behaviors such as using condoms
  • get tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV
  • avoid injecting drugs, or if you do, always use new and disposable needles and syringes.
  • ensure that any blood or blood products that you might need are tested for HIV.
Get tested and know your status

The link above will provide you with testing centers closest to you by simply typing in your zip code. It is important to know your status because HIV does not show physically until it has progressed significantly. 

Be smart, get tested and know your status....


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