Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wedding Chronicles:The beginning stages + dilemma

As you all may or may not know I, Amaka am engaged and have been planning my wedding. I have witnessed many recent engagements on facebook and I just thought that as I plan my wedding, I could share some of the tips that have kept me sane thus far. Did I mention, I am Nigerian?

1. Hire a wedding planner. I have been blessed with such an amazing wedding planner that knows the ins and outs of weddings. She has helped me stay on track but most importantly, stay in budget. This has relieved my stress level ten folds. We all know there is nothing worse than an unhappy bridezilla. 

2. A theme. My theme is very meaningful and personal to my fiance and I. Having a theme allows the wedding have a focal point. This has also help me generate new ideas by using google as my new bestie. 

4. Choose a venue early. My wedding is June 8th, 2013 and I reserved my venue in August. The venue was most important to me because it is the most expensive. I also had the chance to view other sites before making my final decision.

Hair Dilemma: I have ideas as to what I want my hair to look like, but nothing concrete. My hair is natural and I  DO NOT want to wear a weave.  I also do not want to straighten my hair because my wedding is in the summertime and straightened natural hair + humidity= ugly wedding pictures. I am open to suggestions, so please leave a comment below and I will be forever grateful! 




  1. What about braiding your hair? And friend of mine (who's natural as well) got married a couple of years ago and she rocked a "Janelle Monae" type of hair style. Using synthetic braiding hair, she had the sides and some of the back braided up and created a french roll with her hair mixed with unbraided synthetic hair leading up to the front, swept it to the side and placed a beautiful white gardenia in the center of it. Sorry if that’s crazy confusing...just thought I’d share the idea. Congrats on your up upcoming nuptials!

    1. Thanks! I think I have an Idea of what you are talking about. I'm considering something like that but I have a big head so I have to make sure it fits me lol