Monday, July 23, 2012

Jazz it up!! Black Fox Lounge in DC

I had no idea that I had a love and appreciation for jazz music until friday night! It was my friend Staci's birthday and she found this wonderful spot by Dupont circle called Black Fox Lounge to have dinner and enjoy her day with friends. The lounge features a live jazz band that plays while you enjoy your meal and drinks. I work in Chinatown so it was nothing for me to hop on the train after work to meet everyone! The lounge had a very nice ambiance. I was happy that she picked that spot because I may have never found it or had a chance to experience something like it. Here are some pics!

This was the singer of the group...I think he had a crush on the birthday girl as you will see below lol

He ended up getting the bartender to serve her a drink on him! She had a great time :)
My BFF Busi..looking GORG

The Bday girl & I

Us with the Bass player of the group...he insisted on getting a picture with us "tall beautiful ladies" How could we say no??

Myself and my other good friend Darren looking suave!

The food and drinks were amazing I can't remember the name of this one but it was very sweet

I had the crab mac & good!

My hair was styled in a chunky braid out..when I got off the train and walked over to the spot is was drizzling a bit so my hair soaked up some moisture and got really big..I loved it! As you can see my hair has grown a whole lot since I have done a post on it and I promise an update is coming soon. Between graduation, moving, exams and everything else I haven't had time for anything! I promise more frequent updates. Thanks for reading dolls! 


Black Fox Lounge 
1723 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

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