Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 6 challenge: Hardcore Abs

Its week 6 already! We are officially 1/2 way through this challenge! I hope that you all are ready for the remaining challenges that we have in store. It's time to up the ante! This weeks mini challenge is to go hard on those abs. We all want a sexier more toned midsection but it takes a lot of work to get those sexy abs. The core area is one of the hardest muscle groups to tone and tighten. To shrink those abs it is important to remember that ab exercises alone will not give you a defined core. You have to combine cardio with the ab exercises to get maximum results. I'm going to post a few favorites from Nike Training Club below to give you all some ideas. If you already have some good ab exercises that you do please comment below and share with everyone! These are just a few of our favs but these aren't all the ab exercises that we do

These exercises can be done with or without a medicine ball however, remember that the increased resistance will sculpt and tone those abs a lot faster! Do not over do it though...your muscles need a rest to recover and repair themselves! Thank you all for reading!!

Onyi & Elle

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