Friday, March 9, 2012

Protective styling: Senegalese Twists

Hello ladies! Since I've been working out like crazy and I still wanted to protect my hair for the remainder of the winter I decided to get some Senegalese twists. In an earlier post I mentioned how I was going to wig it out for the winter and I did that for about 2 months and got some great growth retention. I now have some Senegalese twists which I've had in for about a month. I plan to keep these in until about April and then see what I want to do with my hair next. Here are some pics of the twists. I'm so boring when it comes to styling them I usually just wear them up in a bun or wear them down. I'm looking for more ways to be creative with them!

Is anyone protective styling for the remainder of winter? Well....the winter we didn't exactly have LOL. How are you styling your hair? Thanks for reading!

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