Saturday, March 3, 2012

Preparing for the challenge

The most important thing about losing weight that everyone should know is that you need to be ready. You have to be ready for the commitment and be ready to give up your old habits. Getting into shape is very tough and part of the reason why my sister and I have not reached our goals is because of the fact that we have yet to fully get rid of our old habits. For me, my weakness is sweets. Candy, chocolate, cookies, name it. Its not that I go out and buy these things all the time but you know how it is when you're at work and someone brings in donuts or its someones birthday and you just have to have a piece of cake..or 2. 

During these next 12 weeks we plan to completely revamp our meals, incorporate smarter food choices and completely eliminate the fats and sweets. During the first few weeks of the challenge the goal is to increase metabolism and increase the intensity of our workouts. We will keep you all and ourselves encouraged by posting sample meal plans and supplement suggestions to support our bodies during this time. Eating smaller and more frequent meals will also help to really boost metabolism.

Remember! Starving yourself or eating very little will NOT help you lose weight! It's about eating the RIGHT foods and eating frequently. You have to eat to lose weight. I know that sounds crazy but its true! Incorporating a variety protein rich foods while limiting fats, carbs and sweets is the way to go. FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK! The lemonade diet and all those other ones will cause you to lose weight temporarily but in the long run  you WILL gain the weight back and maybe more. Unless you plan to drink lemon water, cayenne pepper and syrup for the rest of your life, changing your lifestyle and food choices is the ONLY way to lose weight and keep it off. Keep all of this in mind as you prepare for the challenge beginning on Monday. 

If you have not signed up for the 12 week Bikini body challenge it is not too late! Send an e-mail to or simply comment below with your email address and you will be added to the list. For those that have already signed up for the challenge please look out for an e-mail on sunday night giving you specific guidelines for the challenge as well as the mini challenge for the week. We are extremely excited to be hosting this challenge and even more excited to know that we WILL reach our goals by the end of these next 12 weeks. Please stay tuned for more posts!

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  1. I would like to be added to the challenge. my email address is Thanks :)

  2. Oooh i'd like to be added too. My email is (ridiculous I know) Thanks xo

    1. thanks for your interest! its never too late to get in shape! Look out for an email