Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Onyi's 1 year nappyversary!

I'm so excited! I can't believe it has been 1 full year since I chopped off all of my relaxed ends from my hair. This year has been full of so many things and I have to say its been my best year yet not only just pertaining to hair. I've discovered so much about myself through my hair it makes me so thankful that I was strong enough to embark on this journey. Also, to have my sister ride this roller coaster with me has been even more of a blessing. I can remember a little over a year ago having my friends tell me I was crazy or that I was playing myself and I would probably go back to getting relaxers in a few months, and now a year later, some of them are even transitioning. Its crazy how courage really rubs off on people. I've fallen in love with my texture. All my kinks, coils and curls are so unique and I'm the only one on this earth that has them. It hasn't been an easy ride though. I remember right after my big chop I got so scared, I went and got some Senegalese twists for 2 months. After I took them out I was ready and I haven't looked back. Never in this past year have I contemplated going back to relaxers and I don't think I ever will :). I want to share some pictures of my hair over the past year so you all can see my journey so far. The best part about it is my journey is just beginning. I'm looking forward to the days when my hair is huge. The best part of being natural is that our hair grows up and out toward the heavens. My natural hair is my crown and I am proud to wear it. Okay here are some pics:

This was the day I big chopped 1/15/2011 Please excuse the face!

This is around march after the Senegalese twists when I really started to rock my natural hair


April - My hair started getting longer!


 July (Me and Elle)
 Around July I think...I'm at a pharmacy conference here


October - this was my birthday

 And this one is from a few weeks ago in December

I'm looking forward to the next year of being natural and being able to share my journey will all of you. Thank you for reading!