Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Protective Styling: Wigging it out for the Winter

As you ladies know winter is approaching fast and with the winter season comes dry air, wind and with that comes dry hair. I know for me my hair tends to break in the colder months and I don't retain as much length. Thanks to my dolls at Long hair care forum I stumbled across a thread about a woman who grew her hair from a TWA to MBL (mid back length) in 3 years! She did so using wigs! The thread that I am talking about can be found......HERE. So after reading the thread and exactly how she did it I decided to adopt her deep moisture method and wig it out all winter. So I've been rocking this wig for the past 2 1/2 weeks and so far so good. I can already see how I have retained some length. I plan to do this until March/April when it starts to get warm again. As far as my natural hair I just flat twist my hair straight back and I baggy every single night with a mixture of Infusium 23 repairology leave in and moisturology leave in, sweet almond oil, castor oil, kinky curly knot today and water. I wash and deep condition once a week and I also cowash once a week. Its been working for me so far and my hair is definitely thanking me.

I ordered this wig from Platinum Wigs. They have a bunch of very cute wigs ranging from lace fronts to 100% remy hair wigs. My wig is remy wavy hair with a side swoop which I cut into a bang myself. I've recently been looking into making my own wigs as well. My sister Elle is very talented in the wig making department but I haven't been so lucky lol. So I'm going to get her to make me my next wig which will be a side swoop with straight hair. I am actually enjoying the ease of styling my hair in the morning now. Its so much easier to just throw on the wig, brush it and go. I do miss my natural hair though but I know I'm doing this for good reason. So what do you ladies think? Wig it out or stick it out?? I choose wigs for the winter :) Later dolls 


  1. I agree with u, about wigging it out, we should find ways to protect our hair (which ever works for you) I get headaches when i wear wigs for too long, so i'll have to rotate between wigs, braids and twists. BTW am three months into transitioning and i am excited to have this resource (Onyi and Elle) your blog is beautiful (I really like it) I get informed and am thankful :)

    1. Aww Thank you Isioma! I was also thinking about rotating to some Senegalese twists but I'm still enjoying the ease of the wig. Good luck throughout your transition and I'm glad that you like our blog :) (This is Onyi)