Thursday, December 13, 2012

Traditional Wedding Ceremony: Ikwu Aka

I got engaged last year but it wasn't until I received the blessing from my family. Like many cultures, igbo's too have a blessings ceremony. This ceremony is known as Ikwu Aka which represents "knocking" at the door. This involves an initial visit to the compound of the future bride by the prospective groom. Although not initially required, the prospective groom comes baring gifts and to state his intentions to the father of the future bride. The future brides father arranges for a second meeting, giving himself ample time to do his research.

Upon the second visit, the future groom comes with some elder relatives and his parents. He also comes back with a bottle of wine and in other villages, gifts. The father of the bride makes his decision on whether or not he will allow the marriage to take place by either accepting or denying the wine presented to him. 

The first part of my Ikwu Aka took place in the United State at my parents house in Maryland. My fiance brought my dad a bottle of wine and explained his intentions. My father did accepted the wine, but still insisted on his family members coming and to meet him in our compound in Anambra State, Nigeria. Below are just a few pictures taken during my second Ikwu Aka at the Ifejika compound in Nigeria.

my dad looking mean as usual (black and blue)
My dad(black and blue shirt) and uncle discussing with my future in-laws in Nigeria 
My uncle (plaid shirt) my fiance brother (right) and his uncles in Nigeria



  1. I so love cultures that continue to give proper honor to their men. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Thank you! Culture is something we pride ourselves on. Regardless of where we grew up, we always try and reman rooted. I will be sharing more of the traditional ceremony's on here. Hopefully you'll be able to catch more.