Monday, October 10, 2011

Natural Hair Made Easy

Does your natural hair make you want to SCREAM! 

Here are 5 tips to tame those tresses and glorify those curls.

1. Work with your curls, not against them

When detangling natural hair it is important to know the art behind it. By nature, African American hair is tightly coiled. So in instances such as detangling, it is important to do so when the hair is moisturized with minimal friction. Lightly spray the hair with water and detangle with a wide tooth seamless comb in sections. Start detangling from the ends of the hair and work your way up to the top. This will minimize breakage and scalp trauma.

2. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

The key to natural hair is moisture. With the winter season quickly approaching, it is important to keep those moisture levels up.  Moisturizing the hair comes in two parts; moisturizing followed by sealing. There are millions of products that profess to help dry hair, but one of the best moisturizers is distilled water. Water followed by a sealant such as coconut oil can help maintain your hairs moisture levels and allow your curls to thrive.

3. Read the fine print

Cones, petrolatum, mineral oil, ….what’s the big deal?
In many black hair products, cones, petrolatum, and mineral oil are the first couple of ingredients listed. What do they do to the hair anyway? Silicones coat the hair shaft, leaving the hairs moisture in and the excess humidity out. No bad right, wrong! Over time, the build up of silicones prevents moisture from penetrating the cortex layer of the hair. This can dry out the hair shaft and lead to damage. Mineral oil is a synthetic oil that sits on the hair. The mineral oil barrier is impenetrable and the excess build up can lead to dryness and breakage. Mineral oil and petrolatum clog the pores in the scalp and coat the hair strands leaving an artificial shine.

4. Listen to your hair

If you have been using a hair product that has left your hair dry or breaking, discontinue the use of the product. It is important to listen to your hair. Just because a certain product worked for a friend, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Hair is as unique as a fingerprint no two are alike. It is important to understand YOUR hair and work with your elements.

5. Develop a routine

More than often friends ask for hair advice and I always reply by asking “well, what’s your hair regimen?” Developing a regular hair routine is key to healthy hair, starting with a GOOD shampoo.  With out a regular hair routine, it is hard to track and maintain length. Start with a good sulfate free shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and a sealant such as coconut oil. The regular use of these four products can help achieve a healthy head of curls.

Hope this helps ......

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